On The Verge To Party

Yesterday was our test run, and in many ways doing an event in second life equals doing it in real life. Everything needed to be tested and walked through times and times again. At the end of a long day we are convinced that we are well prepared for the grand opening. Here some impressions of the test run …


Antonia003Lovely Antonia once again played the role of our live artist. And she did it with her own grace and elegance. To the tunes of Stacey Kent and Chantal Chamberland we got the light show, the streams and the stage equipment sorted. You will love it for sure, as it will take you closer to your star than ever before.



While Jean gave his first interview as owner of the venue, the clock was merciless ticking backwards towards the big event. Make sure we take a picture of you and your friends when you arrive on Saturday. It would be a pity to miss this very moment!




No surprise at all (!) that Noel opened the most expensive bottle of champagne at the bar first thing! It is, however, surprising how quickly he finds them, much to the amusement of Anna and Ed of course.




Rumours say, that Noel lost his first poker game against a girl in his life on the occasion of testing the casino area. The prices for the bets on the horse races, however, have been delivered on time and are ready for you to be claimed.




Finally we got the club vacuum cleaned, all ready for you to celebrate an unforgettable evening with us!



Seeing you there.